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Sabertooth professional services have been designed to meet the growing needs of our diverse client base.

Our expert team of AI experts, developers, designers and systems engineers create and implement custom software applications for businesses. Below is a small sample of what we provide and our capabilities continues to grow as we add technical expertise to meet the current and future needs of our clients.



Projects Completed for Large Student Populations

  • Instructor Course Scheduling

  • Contracts & Payroll Management System

  • Automated Grad Student / Advisor Placement

AI & API Tools

Predictive AI

Matching Algorithms

Real-time Performance Metrics Integrations Third Party APIs


Projects Completed for Large Asset Base

  • AI-Driven Portfolio Risk Assessment

  • Distressed Asset Liquidation Management

  • AI-Driven Borrower GPT used for Q&A on assets

AI & API Tools

AI process integrated to perform at scale.

Algorithms designed to minimize delinquencies Intelligent Automation

Predictive Analytics using Azure Data Lake



  • Lead Management Platform with Conversational AI capable of qualifying and scheduling.

AI & API Tools

Retrieval Augmented Generation with LLMs AI Trained from hours of call recordings

Live Human Transfers triggered by AI processes LangChain Integration Framework / Vector DB



  • Air, Land and Sea Tracking, Collaboration, Inventory & Bill Management Systems

AI & API Tools

Auto data consumption API

Automated Invoice processing & Auto Delivery Data Analytics & Insight

Seamless Integration with Quick Books

Generative AI Project Catalog - Available Upon Request

Solutions Snapshot List

  • AI-driven Portfolio Risk Assessment, Borrower GPT, Investor GPT (used to minimize delinquencies)

  • Lead Management Platform with Conversational AI (Chatbot and Callbot) capable of educating, qualifying and scheduling

  • Adjunct Instructor Course Scheduling, Payroll and Contracts Management System

  • Bond Amortization Systems with Third Party Software Integration

  • Distressed Asset Liquidation System with Realtor, Loan Servicer & Investor Portals

  • Corporate Events Registration, Management / Itinerary Scheduler System

  • Global Air, Land and Sea Tracking and Collaboration, Inventory & Bill Management System

  • Online Student Enrollment Portal with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and CampusNexus integration

  • Forex Currency Live Trading System (FxST) with identification of optimal trade setups

  • Consumer Budgeting / Savings Goal Tracker App with patented Bill Prioritization algorithms

  • Proprietary Mortgage Lending CRM integrated with Encompass that automated compliance management workflows

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