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Information architecture is the logical organization of content and how that content is made accessible to the users for consumption.

Content takes the form of textural information, images, video and audio. Understanding how users consume this information is a key to developing a visual flow or architecture of how the information structure is built. This is the main starting point of interactive planning. It allows Sabertooth to visually communicate the logical progression and consumption of content to our clients and acts as a guide for our development team to then build the UI/UX for the application under development. This also identifies what content is on hand, what needs to be generated and how it will be delivered to the user. This is the core document for software development and takes a specialist to produce the architecture with intimate knowledge of the systems and client goals. At Sabertooth we have several of the best information engineers in the industry on our team so you can be assured of the highest quality applications built following best practices.
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Information Architecture Process
  • User Research and Analysis
  • Navigation and Hierarchy Creation
  • Content Production and Gathering
  • Wireframe Design and Development
  • Labeling
  • Taxonomies and Metadata
  • Data Modeling
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