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Sabertooth Technologies Group
Sabertooth Technology Group provides expert level service in a diverse set of disciplines.

Sabertooth Technology Group understands the dynamic nature of many companies where the natural requirement for customized software exists for many functions - higher education, research, trading, investor relationships, analytics, social networking, asset maintenance and others.

The solutions developed and maintained by our team have been integrated with the latest technologies. Our clients benefit from business flexibility, cost center savings and business process streamlining all achieving increased ROI. Each client business is unique and requires custom systems built exclusively to meet specific needs. We create enterprise level software using a combination of in-house technical expertise, customer consultation, and third-party product integration. We provide solutions using the latest in technology solutions both compiled and open source.
custom enterprise level software development
Design and Development

Every enterprise relies heavily on the digital tools it uses to accomplish its essential, everyday tasks. While it is possible to build your workflow around software, greater results can be achieved by modeling and creating software that will fit, improve, and streamline the company’s workflow and accommodate rapid expansion and scalability.

Design and Development Services
  • Software Engineering
  • Application Development
  • Web/Mobile Hybrid Responsive Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Application Reverse Engineering
  • Database Design & Development
  • Data Migrations
  • LTI Integration (BlackBoard)
  • CampusNexus Integration
  • Microsoft Azure
  • IT Consulting
  • Functional Specifications
  • UX/UI Design
  • Project Management
  • Integrations and Installations
  • Compliance Testing
  • Technical Support
We Diagnose Technical Problems and Develop Business Solutions
Let us know exactly what your workforce needs, and we will clear any software obstacles standing in the way.

1. Business Process Analysis
Discover the areas of your business that can be improved with custom software solutions.

2. Custom Software Development

Improve your software or create entirely new solutions with the help of our experienced team.

3. Software Integration
Make seamless connections between your existing and new software to create a streamlined workflow.

4. Consulting
Create a forward-thinking plan for your business and your software to always know what the next step is.

5. ON-DEMAND Support

Respond when it matters most — instead of making you pay for ongoing subscriptions you don't need.

Software Development Process

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