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Client Solutions Overview

American Express

American Express / Pay You First (Beta)

Projects: Consumer Budgeting / Savings Goal Tracker with patented Bill Prioritization algorithms

AON Consulting

AON consulting

Projects: Actuarial and Financial applications involving Risk Reporting, Pricing, Valuations; Pension Benefit Calculations and various other custom functions.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Underwear

Projects: Data Management / Import System; Sales Forecasting Tool; Costing Analysis Systems and internal system integrations.

Caneel Group

Caneel Group

Projects: Custom solution designed to help increase execution efficiency for distressed asset resolution time lines. Used nationwide over 10,000 Realtors, servicers and investors.

  • Residential Assets Administration: Brokers assigned to assets may maintain pertinent information and create Broker Price Opinion reports which include the ability to upload multiple photos of assets
  • Data Administration: The system provides the functionality to import data feeds from multiple Servicers in various formats into the system. This feed can be a combination of new assets or existing asset updates. This includes automatic ETL functions and SFTP functions.
  • Realtor, Investor, Servicer, Manager and Administrator portals with their own respective intelligent dashboards.



Projects: Developed a B2B Events Registration and Management system that included Meeting Scheduler and Itinerary Generation System. Features included:

  • Registration module with e-commerce functionality
  • Attendee Portal for Meeting Selection functionality with priority indicators
  • Attendee Profile Maintenance
  • Internal Management of Events, Sessions, Venues, Locations, Schedules, Rooms and Itineraries.
  • Itinerary Management - automatic scheduler based on attendee selection and availability
  • Survey Generator


Ethicon (J&J)

Projects: Converted a user-created spreadsheet system used for maintaining “Mesh Market Models” for abdominal wall repair procedures into a multi-user application. Designed, administered, and migrated spreadsheet data into relational database system. Executive dashboards designed to gather business intelligence andperform market share analysis with respect to demographics and regional reporting metrics.


Forex Price Movement

Projects: Developed a Forex Currency Live Trading System (FxST) with identification of optimal trade setups. Features included:

  • Simple Entry and Exit indicators
  • One click trade execution


Jimmy's Trucking

Projects: Global Air, Land and Sea Tracking and Customer Collaboration tool integrated with GPS and external systems


Proctor & Gamble

Re-engineered and migrated a Manufacturer’s Packaging and Fill Specification Legacy system from DB2 to Oracle. Training and documentation was also provided.

Other Projects: Quality Assurance; Supply Chain Management; and Vendor Reliability Tools

Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines

Projects: Re-engineered Spirit’s Merchant Credit Card Authorization and Settlement applications while maintaining compliance with credit card vendors. Development included rapid learning and usage of tools required for secure leased line transmission and communication with transaction processing entities. Re-engineering involved application of cryptographic practices for encrypting outgoing messages and decrypting responses. Business rules, application logic and communication protocols were encapsulated for portability and scalability.




  • Project Time Management System for internal developers in all global locations utilizing single and shared cost-center resource allocation logic;
  • Collateral Management application, Compliance (Institutional) tools


Ultimate Medical Academy


  • Adjunct Instructor Course Scheduling, Payroll and Contracts Management System
  • Student Resume Generator / Instructor Collaboration Tool Integrated with Internal Systems
  • Lead Reconciliation System
  • Student Services Support System
  • Gainful Employment (Federal Student Aid) tool and complaint government reporting functions
  • 90/10 Regulation and Calculation tool


Whippoorwill Associates

The solutions listed below have greatly improved productivity and efficiency. Most of the applications have the unprecedented ability to integrate with third party software such as “Advent Axys”. As a result, tasks that would have normally taken weeks to perform have been trimmed down to manageable daily transactions.

Several 'spreadsheet' applications, designed by users, were converted into robust, user-friendly applications that are built to scale with that respective business function. The Project list below represents some of these systems with their key highlights:

Trade Processing / Management System

  • Ability to apply custom allocation guidelines and rules for security types such as: Stocks, Bonds, Puts, Calls, and Credit Default Swaps
  • Purchase and sales are processed with custom automated allocations amongst selected accounts;
  • Electronic posting back to Portfolio Management System (Advent Axys);
  • Advanced user interface to maintain information on: accounts, custodians, brokers, currencies and all other related functions

Bond Amortization System(audited and approved by Price Waterhouse Coopers - PWC)

  • Data aggregation of all bonds and bank debt related transactions into monthly journal entries
  • FIFO methodology for the accounting of purchases and sales, including pay downs
  • Aggregate monthly OID/MD schedules providing reconciliation of quantity, cost and market values with proprietary software (Advent Axys);
  • Automated Month-end Journal Entries in accordance with GAAP guidelines
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