Get the visibility, rapid response and future proofing you need to protect your organization. Sabertooth's Managed Solutions Detection and Response (MDR).

Faster Detection + Faster Response = Improved Cyber Resilience

Countering new-age threats requires a holistic view and a coherent approach across the detection and remediation cycle. Organizations looking to improve their cyber resilience need cybersecurity solutions with a blend of data science, behavior analytics, cognitive capabilities, and intelligent visualization technologies. Agility, flexibility, scalability, and easy integration with other tools and systems are some other desired features of a system equipped to deal with ever-evolving cyber threats.

Hackers Spend 200+ Days Inside Systems Before Discovery

53% | The percentage of businesses that are ill prepared for a cyber attack.
95% | The percentage of security incidents that involve human error.
30% | The percentage of businesses that qualified as expert in overall cyber readiness.

Estimated USD 800 Billion of cybercrime committed globally every year.

$41,000 | The average loss per cyber attack to a small business.
19% | The percentage of small businesses that changed nothing after a cyber attack.
64% | The percentage of businesses considered “experts” who had cybersecurity insurance (only 28% of novices did).

Sabertooth can augment or replace your existing log management, SIEM, and UEBA systems with a highly efficient and zero maintenance system. It is built on top of elastic search and enables response automation, machine learning, and advanced data analytics. It allows historic and point-in-time threat hunting via its deep data lake that stores enormous amounts of semi-structured log data.

  • Single Platform that replaces the Advanced Cyber Defense stack
  • Single click, no query, historical recursive network IOC detection
  • Advanced forensics to detect context and timeline of attack
  • Agentless response and remediation
  • Open Data Platform (ODP) that can replace existing SIEM, UEBA systems
  • Effective in air-gapped, SCADA, and mission-critical networks
  • Zero day and Advanced Persistent Threat Detection
  • Advanced data analytics with over 400+ pre-built analytical models
  • Intuitive UI with smart chatbots and customizable widgets